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What People are Saying About Patty

“When you first asked me to give a presentation to your Pure Fashion group, I thought to myself that you would be the perfect candidate to teach etiquette.  Never did I think it would become a reality.  You are such a classy lady with the desire to share your expertise with others.  You are so poised, gracious and kind that anyone who learns from you will be privileged.  It was truly my honor to train and certify you through The Etiquette Institute.”

– Maria Everding, President and Founder of The Etiquette Institute

“Thank you for serving as our guest speaker for the Dining Seminar that we host for McKendree University students.  Your presentation was very informative, with humor added at appropriate times.  You did a great job of connecting timeless etiquette protocol with contemporary topics, such as social media and cell phone etiquette.  It was obvious as I looked around the room that students were engaged, and I talked to a few students after the event who said that they learned a lot from you and thought the seminar was a valuable experience.  You were able to develop a rapport with students and they were comfortable asking you a variety of questions.  The handout you provided with a variety of etiquette questions was also helpful because students will be able to refer back to that information.  Our goal was for students to feel more comfortable in a professional setting as they begin their professional career, and I am confident that goal was met.”

– Jennifer Pickerell, Director of Career Services – McKendree University 

“I loved that the event began with the speed networking exercise, which I imagine helped the participants relax and open up.  The content covered was spot on, as the addition of topics such as networking and reputation, in addition to the dining etiquette, are so important for students to learn.  Patty did a great job of teaching important lessons, and did so in a manner which connected to the college student audience.  The best evidence that students are interested and engaged is when they ask many questions, which they definitely did throughout the event.  The level of explanation and flow of the conversation was perfect for the timing and size of our event.  Thank you, Patty!”

– Jill Smucker, Assistant Director of Career Services- McKendree

“Patty came to our high school, St. John Paul II Preparatory School, this past spring to give a presentation to students in grades 9-12. Her talk was informative, interesting, and funny. The students learned a range of manners and skills, such as basic table manners at a restaurant, the proper way to greet parents when picking up a date, and how to introduce oneself when meeting someone new in various social settings. The skills learned from this presentation gave our students the confidence to feel comfortable in every social setting, whether it be at a party with peers or a job interview.

Patty has a good rapport with young people. She was able to engage the students from the moment she began her presentation. Her sense of humor kept the students interested, and while they learned many new skills, they were also entertained. Patty’s talk combined personal testimonies as well as factual material, which gave the presentation the appropriate balance.

The information Patty shares is invaluable for the human formation aspect of educating the youth. The more comfortable a young person feels in social situations, the more confident they will become. Confidence and poise will ultimately help a young person achieve success in the college years and beyond in the career field.”

– Jessica Zuniga, President – John Paul II Preparatory


“My girls had such a wonderful time at the etiquette training brunch this morning!! They were on cloud nine. Mary Claire said it was the best day of her life and Kathryn felt so special!! Thank you Patty!!!!”

-Katie Schwaneke

“I am so glad that Patty was able to visit our Girl Scout Brownie troop. Her presentation was terrific and very relevant for 8-9 year olds. She tailored her messages and presented age appropriate topics. Patty offered great hands-on activities and a craft to keep the girls engaged and entertained. The girls thought it was great fun and they learned lessons that will serve them well going forward.”

-Anita, Girl Scout Troop Leader