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About Patty

patty_2PINIMAGEPatty Kozarits is a fun loving, energetic woman with a contagious passion for etiquette.  A native of St. Louis, Patty’s passion for manners began as a young girl.  On Saturdays, her mother and aunt would take Patty and her sisters out to the tea rooms of St. Louis.  It was around these tables they were taught manners and practiced manners.  Patty remembers really feeling like royalty all dressed up and being so proper.  This led to Tea Room modeling which helped Patty fine tune the art of walking and conversing with total strangers!

Patty’s love for helping and empowering  young people led to her involvement with Pure Fashion, an International organization that helps young women recognize their dignity by embracing their true beauty which lies within them.

Patty is passionate about etiquette… “Manners matter,” she will often say.  She strongly believes that manners will be your ticket to success in whatever vocation/career path you choose and will be valuable for where life takes you.  Manners will truly help the world become a more respectful and kinder place.

Patty attended Webster University where she studied Business Administration.  She received her Certification as an Etiquette Consultant with The Etiquette Institute, St. Louis, Missouri.

She resides in Town & Country, Missouri with her husband Steve.  They have four children, a son-in-law and a beautiful grandson.